#112 Helping hand

When people witness accidents or injuries, they´ll usually just call 112 instead of helping out as well.

The Children´s Cultural Festival and Neyðarlínan (Emergency Number) invited children in grades 7-10 to participate in a photo competition where they show their perspective on this matter. The concept was Helpfulness.

A selection of pictures will be shown at Reykjavík´s City Hall during the Festival, which is from 19-24 April. Judges picked out which pictures will be shown and also which will receive an award.

The rules of the competition were:

1. Take a picture or make a picture which represents helpfulness. The picture can be a photograph, a collage, graphical, a drawing or worked in mixed media.

2. The concept was helpfulness which means Hjálpsemi in Icelandic. The picture had to be turned in on Instagram with the hashtag #112hjalpsemi. Groups, classes, day centres or friends were allowed to send in more than one picture, marked with the name of their group.

3. The picture could be of people, animals, emotional expressions, situations or something else. The emphasis of the competition was to show a child´s (aged 12-15) perspective of the concept helpfulness. The deadline was at midnight on Thursday the 7th of April.

Awards for the best pictures are:

1. Two tickets to the play Mamma mía at Borgarleikhúsið and a 10.000 kr. gift certificate at the Hamborgarafabrikkuna.

2. 10.000 kr. gift certificate at Dunkin Donuts.

3. 7.000 kr. gift certificate at YoYo ice cream.

The group or class which turned in the most individual pictures will receive a YoYo ice cream.